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Real Dream-Catchers teach the wisdoms of the Seventh Fire, an Ojibwe Prophecy, that is being fulfilled at this moment. The Light-skinned Race is being shown the result of the Way of the Mind and the possibilities that reside in the Path of the Spirit. Real Dream-Catchers point the way.

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Natural Serotonin from Seroctin

What is Seroctin?

How does Seroctin work?

Physiology of Seroctin

Seroctin Patent - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5

Testimonials for Seroctin, the Natural Serotonin Optimizer

Doctors Fail to Recognize Life-Threatening Serotonin Syndrome - 2 - 3 4

SSRI Makers Use Media To Reel In Pregnant Women Customers -2  - 3

CDC Downplays Birth Defects of SSRIs to Boost Sales- 2 - 3 - 4 

FDA Protects SSRI Makers With Misleading Suicide Warning- 2 - 3

The Dangers of Prozac - part 2

A Dark Side to Prozac

Real SSRI Side Effects

Prozac and SSRIs Exposed

Eli Lilly Settles Prozac Lawsuit

Eli Lilly Settles Prozac Lawsuit

Maritime Pine Pycnogenol  is the super-antioxidant that has been tried and tested by over 30 years of research for many acute and chronic disorders. The Ojibwe knew about it almost 500 years ago.  Didn't call it that, though. White man took credit.

Origins of Violence - 2

Recognizing a Native American Holocaust

Before Columbus

Pestilence and Genocide

Sex, Race and Holy War

The Native American Discovery of Europe before Columbus

Examining the Reputation of
Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus, Marrano and Mariner

Christopher Columbus Jewish and New Christian Elements

Christopher Columbus and the Indians

Columbus My Enemy

Columbus exposed as iron-fisted tyrant who tortured his slaves

Columbus Day -The white manís myth and the Redman's Holocaust

Excerpt from The Destruction of the Indies by Las Casas

Massacre at Sand Creek

Wounded Knee Hearing Testimony

Ojibwe Creation Story

Paleo-American Origins

The Wallum Olum: a Pictographic History of the Lenni Lenape, Root Tribe from which the Ojibwe arose

A Migration Legend of the Delaware Tribe 

Wallum Olum: The Deluge - Part II

Winter Count: History Seen from a Native American Tradition - 2 - 3

Ojibwe Fishing Rights Restored in Wisconsin Following Court Victories

Ojibwe Fishing Rights in Minnesota

Nick Hockings Spears Fish
to Remember and Honor the Old Ways

Fish and Wildlife Students Visit an Ojibwe Wildlife Management Facility at Lac du Flambeau

To Spear or Not to Spear Is NOT the Question

Wisconsin Trail of Tears

The Story of the Opposition on the Road to Extinction: Protest Camp in Minneapolis

Who Deems What Is Sacred?

Savage Police Brutality vs Nonviolence of the People

Mendota Sacred Sites - Affidavit of Larry Cloud-Morgan

Cloud-Morgan, Catholic activist, buried with his peace pipe

The Natural Path to Health

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American Indian Radio
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Willow animal effigies by Bill Ott after relics found in the Southwest Archaic CultureMuseum-quality willow animal effigies of the Southwest Archaic culture, art from a 4,000 year-old tradition by Bill Ott

The Ojibwe Peoples and Their Culture

History of the Ojibways by William Warren

Wisconsin Trail of Tears

Indian Tribes and Termination

Tracing the Path of Violence: The Boarding School Experience

Quantum Physics Leads Science Back to the Sacred Fire

Ojibwe Fishing Rights in Minnesota

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With two new mass killings in Santa Barbara and San Diego by young kids on SSRI Drugs, it is now more urgent than ever to get the terrible truth about these drugs out to the public. People need to know what SSRIs do to normal minds -- both children and adults -- how they can destroy ethics and morals, and distort a person's values, to where they think it is "fun", or "just retribution", to go out and slaughter people.

This book shows how common SSRI antidepressant drugs -- Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil, Serzone, Luvox, Celexa, Effexor, Wellbutrin, and even Ritalin (an amphetamine for kids) -- crop up so many times in school shootings, workplace massacres, and other callous killings, that NO ONE can deny the truth about these drugs any longer --

SSRI drugs actually cause people to kill, without feeling remorse, often with a smile, saying: "Sorry, but you deserve it." This horrible truth is HARD to accept, especially for the media, and the few people who may benefit from them.

Many rationalize that because the drugs help some people, and the "killers" were depressed anyway, the drugs weren't actually the cause. WRONG. This book proves, by citing dozens of mass killings, shootings, and other atrocious acts, that a common thread underlies all incidents: The drugs cause otherwise "normal everyday people with ethics, feelings, and who know right from wrong", to lose it all, and coldly go out and massacre people who they feel "deserve it".

No one can justify ignoring that these drugs are proven killers. This book amasses so much convincing proof, so many incidents, supported by chat sessions where real-life users of the drugs explain exactly how they warp people's minds -- there is no longer any excuse to bury your head in the sand, pretending it just can't be.  It is -- and it has now become vital for everyone to learn, before it is too late, the signs of how the drugs affect people's minds.

News reporters, teachers, workplace bosses, parents, school children, government employees, officials, lawyers, judges, everyone on the street -- it doesn't matter who you are -- with more than 10% of people on one of these drugs, one of them could turn on you without warning. Not every SSRI user is affected the same, so you may never know who could become dangerous or violent, until they do, when it is too late.

Get this book now and learn the warning signs -- you might save your own life, or the lives of people you know and love. The survivors of every mass-shooting victim always say: "If only we had an idea, a warning, we could have acted."  

Find out what these dangerous, mind-altering drugs are doing to ordinary, everyday individuals with no history of mental problems. Most were prescribed psychiatric SSRI drugs for periodic depression, PMS, weight gain, insomnia, acne, smoking, and other minor issues. In return, the drugs have taken thousands of people's lives. One knowledgeable doctor attributed 50,000 needless suicides to Prozac alone -- the first SSRI marketed.

But now doctors are handing these seriously mind-warping drugs out to millions of normal adults and children, without any significant warning about their dangerous side effects -- with devastating consequences. After a decade of fatalities, doctors are still not warning people that these drugs could cost them their lives, in as little as 7 days!

This book does not advocate totally banning the drugs, because they help some people with preexisting mental problems -- but the wholesale use of them by normal people is causing an ever-increasing wave of senseless killings and shootings across America. Those killings must be stopped.  The key is public awareness of how dangerous the drugs are to many people, how to tell the warning signs, and how the FDA must enforce stern label warnings about the potentially lethal side effects of SSRI drugs.

This book was written by a Prozac survivor, who, like everyone on the drug, defended it to the bitter end, even when it almost totally destroyed her life. The drug is engineered this way, and to make withdrawal symptoms so alarmingly like the problems for which people took the drug in the first place, that victims are afraid to quit, and stay hooked on it (i.e. are addicted). The author draws clear parallels to cocaine, heroin, LSD, and amphetamines -- almost everyone on them thinks they're "great", because the drugs take away one's cares about real concerns, like right, wrong, and the sanctity of life, and make them obsessed that "they're right and have to prove it -- even by killing."

The author gives many detailed accounts of suicides and killings, including famous people, like: Del Shannon, Phil Hartman, Abbie Hoffman, Michael Hutchence -- as well as incidents where SSRI Drugs and their makers could be involved, including Princess Diana's death, the Clinton White House, and the prior Bush-Quayle White House.

Most urgent in the book's clear, factual presentation, is how the latest rash of school shootings at Columbine, Oregon, Arkansas, Georgia, and so on, are undeniably linked to one of the gunmen being on Prozac, or another SSRI drug like Zoloft, Paxil, Luvox, Celexa, Serzone, or even Ritalin.

The only school shootings and recent workplace massacres where SSRI drugs aren't implicated, is where there was a deliberate attempt by authorities, parents, or the media, to cover up the facts of the case. The recent UCSB car killing was by a kid with a long history of SSRI use, and the latest workplace massacre by McDermott in Massachusetts was a classic Prozac killing, fitting the pattern of actions to the letter -- all clearly revealed in this book.

Each chapter systematically covers shootings, killings, other violent acts, major and minor side effects, and other symptoms -- all backed up by real-life experiences of people in internet chat rooms. Later chapters expose how drug companies and the FDA colluded to rob people of fair, unbiased tests -- and how pay-offs, cover-ups, even buying out judges and juries, have all hidden the truth about these drugs.

Now in the latest school shootings, we see the media itself avoiding reporting the connection of these drugs to the killings -- and almost all big media companies are owned by conglomerates with close ties to drug companies!  Even the FBI and CIA are trying to imply that the children are fundamentally "bad" -- rather than expose the truth that the SSRI drugs have distorted the children's values. They all try everything to avoid facing the plain simple truth:

SSRI drugs cause people to kill others in clearly recognizable patterns.

Government officials, parents, teachers, PTA members, school officials, business owners and managers -- even the everyday person on the street -- you all need to learn the danger signs of SSRI drugs, to help stop the growing toll of needless murders in offices, schools, and homes across the country. With such a massive and widespread coverup throughout the U.S. of the shocking truth behind these drugs, this might well be the most timely book available today.

No medical book will give you such clear and truthful insight into what happens to the minds of people taking SSRI drugs. No one can read this book and still turn a blind eye or deaf ear to the shocking reality it exposes. This book gives you the truth you'll never get from doctors or drug companies. It is fascinating reading for everyone today. But the knowledge it contains demands that you help stop the growing toll of deaths across the country, in whatever way you can.

The author's and publisher's goal in getting this book out to the public at large is to stop more innocent lives from being destroyed by one of the SSRI drugs in the future. Everyone needs to share in this same goal, irrespective of company profits, incidental success cases on these drugs, or any other excuses to stop people from acting. Rest well in the knowledge that you will be empowered to save someone's life, if the time ever comes.


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Natural Serotonin from Seroctin

What is Seroctin?

Physiology of Seroctin

How does Seroctin work?

Testimonials for Seroctin

Progress Chart for Seroctin Use

The Dangers of Prozac - part 2

A Dark Side to Prozac

Real SSRI Side Effects

Seroctin Patent - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5

Doctors Fail to Recognize Life-Threatening Serotonin Syndrome - 2 - 3 4

SSRI Makers Use Media To Reel In Pregnant Women Customers -2  - 3

CDC Downplays Birth Defects of SSRIs to Boost Sales- 2 - 3 - 4 

FDA Protects SSRI Makers With Misleading Suicide Warning- 2 - 3

Prozac and SSRIs Exposed

Eli Lilly Settles Prozac Lawsuit

White Eagle Soaring: Dream Dancer of the 7th Fire


Index of DreamCatchers However You Spell DreamCatcher

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angel dream catcher

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twin flame dream catcher

all nations dreamcatchers

angel dreamcatchers

aspiration dreamcatchers

bodymindspirit dreamcatchers

bud of the rose dreamcatchers

butterfly dreamcatchers

dolphin dreams dreamcatchers

dreamafterdream dreamcatchers

dream star dreamcatchers

dream within a dream dreamcatchers

four directions dreamcatchers

grandfathersun dreamcatchers

heartdreams dreamcatchers

imagine dreamcatchers

many dreams dreamcatchers

marriage dreamcatchers

natural freedom dreamcatchers

path of spirit dreamcatchers

pentacle dreamcatchers

power of the circle dreamcatchers

red eagle of dawn dreamcatchers

rolling thunder dreamcatchers

soaring dreamcatchers

spider web dreamcatchers

sun-moon dreamcatchers

sunset-sunrise dreamcatchers

twin flame dreamcatchers

all nations dreamcatcher

angel dreamcatcher

aspiration dreamcatcher

bodymindspirit dreamcatcher

bud of the rose dreamcatcher

butterfly dreamcatcher

dolphin dreams dreamcatcher

dreamafterdream dreamcatcher

dream star dreamcatcher

dream within a dream dreamcatcher

four directions dreamcatcher

grandfathersun dreamcatcher

heartdreams dreamcatcher

imagine dreamcatcher

many dreams dreamcatcher

marriage dreamcatcher

natural freedom dreamcatcher

path of spirit dreamcatcher

pentacle dreamcatcher

power of the circle dreamcatcher

red eagle of dawn dreamcatcher

rolling thunder dreamcatcher

soaring dreamcatcher

spider web dreamcatcher

sun-moon dreamcatcher

sunset-sunrise dreamcatcher

twin flame dreamcatcher

However you've spelled Dream Catcher, these REAL Dream Catchers are natural magic from Creator Direct (Manidoog).

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Dream-Catchers are wisdom-teachers. If you learn to listen, they will take YOU on a journey of wonder and revelations, too. Illusions are stripped away and new ways are revealed.  The real Dream-Catchers of the Seventh Fire are waiting for you. Come into the realm of Real Dream-Catchers.  See with eyes of spirit, listen with your heart and soar with the White Eagle.

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