Here’s Where To Find The Best Sex Games [2018 List]


While there are tons of sex games online that you could play, not every site is the best or worth your time. Many sex game sites have the downside of too many ads, the games crash quite a bit, or worse of all, may give your device a virus.

With that being said, that is not to say there aren’t also many quality sex game websites out there.

If you’re looking for some excellent sex game websites that have tons of great, fun games that also make you super horny, and won’t harm your device’s health or waste your time, then you should consider these three websites.

  1. Porn Games

    While in this day and age it’s relatively impossible to get away from ads, unless you’re throwing your coin at getting rid of them, this site is a breath of fresh air for the porn industry.

    There are still ads in place on this site, of course, but when you log onto Porn Games you aren’t bombarded with a bunch of tiny ads and attacked with pop-ups. Instead, there is one small ad in the top left corner of the website, and another one at the bottom of the page. When you click on a game a few more appear, but nothing too crazy.

    The games on Porn Games have some of the best visuals out there and work very well. They’re fast, easy to use, and have the best porn content. There are hundreds of categories of games to choose from, such as meet and fuck, role play, hentai, horny gamer, and lots of others. You can also check out what games are new, what’s popular, or browse through a random selection of games.

    If you’re looking for a sex game site with a low ad rate, great visuals, and tons of games, then you should definitely check out Porn Games.

    All games are free and require Flash Player.


    A simple yet functional website, is another great sex games site to try. Their ads are also nothing too crazy or overwhelming, which allow you to play your games with ease, so you could focus on your relaxation and enjoyment.

    Every game you click on will load in a new tab on your browser or phone, and you’ll be able to read a description of the game to decide if you really want to play it or not. Some of the games, you’ll notice, are provided by other sex game sites, like Porn Games, for example, so you know you’ll be getting top-quality games.

    The best part? All games on this site are completely free!

  3. GamCore

    If you don’t know GamCore, then you must be living under a rock!

    GamCore is one of the top sex games websites on the Internet and very popular among users for good reason. While their only downfall is the annoying ads on their website, they excel at everything else.

    GamCore has the largest selection of free sex games, and the best. From 3D sex games and simulators, you’ll find unique games here that you won’t find anywhere else. There’s so many categories to pick from that you’ll never be bored with their selection. In fact, they’re home to some of the most popular sex games ever, like Grand Fuck Auto and World of Whorecraft, making them a top-rated site.

    Games are free and Flash compatible; just make sure your ad and pop-up blocker is turned on before visiting.

Here are the top 5 places to find the hottest teen selfies

When it comes to sexy snapshots, young girls have definitely mastered the art of steamy teen selfies. Selfies have essentially become their own whole category of porn. Though selfies do range from the salacious to the tame, there are plenty of ones out there to serve as a teaser for your imagination.
However, a lot of sexy selfies that you’re used to seeing in private messages aren’t going to be plastered all over someone’s Facebook, so you may have to do some hunting if you want to find some seriously sexy material online. It may require some effort if you’re going to find sexy selfies of hot, barely legal, girls. But then again, on the internet almost anything is possible.
All you have to do is put a little effort in and read on to discover what you should do in order to find the best sexy teen selfies online!
1. #TeenSelfies on Instagram
While you might not find your friend’s sexiest snaps posted on their Instagram, you might find some surprises in the hashtags! The #teenselfies tag on Insta is full of hot pics. In fact, most of them seem to be more suggestive than tame! Give this hashtag a once or twice over, and you’ll see for yourself!
Most of these photos are posted by accounts which collect these types of images, so you can be pretty sure that girls themselves aren’t posting a lot of these photos. You must keep this in mind when you’re liking, commenting, or DMing these accounts. If any of them claim to be the girls they’re posting; I’d be skeptical. Though I could be wrong, I’d suggest just looking and not so much interacting with these accounts. The last thing you want to be is a victim to a catfish!
2. Tumblr!
Since Tumblr has slightly fewer users than Twitter and Instagram, you’re going to find that people think they can get away with being more candid (especially with their bodies) on this site. So you’re going to find plenty of selfies and accounts belonging to women who post their sexy selfies as a means for a sexual outlet.
While I encouraged you not to talk to anyone on Instagram, I’d say that you could maybe be more sure people on Tumblr are who they say they are. So if you’re going to message them, just be sure to approach with caution.
I’d suggest that you use the tags as a jumping off point to find content that will later become your favorite!
3. Send some sexy snaps of your own!
If all else fails, why not try to get some sexy snaps sent directly to you!? I’m sure you must have people on your phone who are younger and hot and are more than willing to send photos if asked! So, start off with a little sexting. Start light by being flirty and see who you can start full on sexting. I’d recommend using Snapchat for these kinds of encounters as the photos disappear… but only if you want them to (wink, wink)

Do Dream Catchers Really Work?

Now that is a legitimate question if I do say so myself because how on earth could a round hoop woven with yarn really protect you from bad dreams? If you’re the least bit skeptical about hanging one above your bed, I urge you to fully understand the importance of believing in it before purchasing one.

What Is It?

A dreamcatcher consists of a round wooden hoop woven with a web of yarn leading to a dangling of beads and feathers of various colors. Traditionally, from the Chippewa Nation, they are made with eight different points, representing a spider. It’s a little confusing because you would think that people are having night terrors about giant spiders so why represent it? These creatures actually represent energy, learning, and wisdom that give you the protection you need during your sleep.

What Does It Do?

It does a lot more than protect you, it filters out all of your dreams to which the unnecessarily negative ones go straight out the window, literally. Being the primary symbol of the Native American culture, dreamcatchers started off by being hung above children’s bed to prevent nightmares and evil spirits from bothering them during their sleep. For a child to have a dream, it would have to pass through and float down the hanging beads and feathers to get into their subconscious.

A nightmare will get caught in the web of the dream catcher figuratively stopping the flow of bad dreams disappearing once the sunlight from the morning shines on it. There are various beliefs of what happens to the bad dreams or how the good thoughts are filtered out, but nonetheless, a dreamcatcher does protect you from having any bad dreams.

Are You Sure It Works?

If you firmly believe in something so pure, there is no doubt in my mind that it won’t benefit you in some way. Whether it is comforting to gaze at before bed, reminding you that you are being protected throughout the night or symbolizing protection against evil spirits into your room, I believe it can be what you need it to be.

There are so may success stories raving about the positive impact they have on one’s mind throughout their sleep cycles, revealing that dreamcatchers do indeed execute what they stand for.

Nothing is set in stone or works overnight, or does it? Having too ridiculous of expectations for a dream catcher will inevitably get you a little disappointed if every dream isn’t up to your standards, but you may never know the bad ones that it protected you from either.

If you’re still a little hesitant on preceding your dreamcatcher experience, then maybe it isn’t for you. For a genuine occurrence of this working, you must believe in all of the good it can do for you, whether you’re asleep or awake. An addition to your room should be comforting and represent good energy that you believe in.

Check out more about dream catchers from the video below!