Hottest Native American Women

If you don't know who the hottest celebrities among the Navajo, Cherokee and Sioux are, it's probably because they're not as famous as the ones on this list, or even as popular. 

Alana Blanchard

Alana Blanchard is the hottest surfer chick and won first place in this year's Miss Native American USA contest in her home state of California. She would also be the first Native American gay woman to be elected to the US House of Representatives from a non-white state. And while her candidacy in red Idaho is far from decided, she would be the country's first Native American governor, according to a recent poll. 


Jana continues to pay tribute to her heritage with "An American Indian Christmas," which includes ten classic Christmas carols in ten different Indian languages, accompanied by her own version of the traditional Christmas carol "A Christmas Carol." This time she donned leather fringes meant to represent Native American women, and there's no shortage of must-see pieces to tell the story of the film, such as her portrayal of a young woman in a traditional Navajo dress. 

This book captures the heritage of Detroit's colorful Indian community through photos, interviews, and prints from sources such as the Detroit Free Press and the Detroit News. This unique history will fascinate and inform you not only about the history of the city, but also about its history as a cultural center for Indians. 

Nia Nacci

I can never hear of being a real "Indian girl," but I am a keen wanker who can be. Nia Nacci is undoubtedly one of the best American porn stars out there right now. Not only does she look like a good Indian porn star, her butt is out of this world. I wonder what our Indian ancestors would make of learning porn before the invention of the white devil. Maybe there's just nothing to talk about, but I'm pretty sure we did it for porn. Nia is ranked in the top 10 favorite porn stars among members of Flingster, the popular video sex chat site.