Dream-Catchers of the Seventh Fire Dream Catcher Heritage Collection all have stories to tell, wisdom to teach. I’m Allen Aslan Heart, dream-catcher weaver, storyteller, drummer and a “Kokopelli” dream-dancer of the Seventh Fire.

I’ve been given many stories to tell, wisdom to teach, but only if you’re ready. I’ve been on an interesting journey that’s taken me around the world where I’ve taught dream catcher weaving to more than 5,000 people of all ages.

Starting in Ojibwe country in northern Minnesota, I’ve carried the Dream-Catchers across the USA, in the UK, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Slovenia, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland since 1993.

Still, the dream-catchers of The Seventh Fire are more than storytellers.

Real Dream-Catchers open a path to a new opportunity to understand life on earth, who you are, and who you are destined to be. And my journey has offered insight into a new/old paradigm.

On this website, Real Dream-Catchers of the Seventh Fire, I share my story and the wisdoms that I have been taught directly from my experiences and from the Great Spirit, who my people call Geedjee Manidoo. In The Stories Dream-Catchers Weave I tell my story of how the Dream-Catchers wove me. It’s often been a humbling experience for a former science teacher as one after another of my scientific underpinnings was swept from under me.

I had a front-row seat in this comedy as I did what was impossible, time after time. It seemed as thoughDream Catcher weaver and Kokopelli Dream Dancer of the Seventh Fire Prophecy I was being slapped in my face with a True Reality so that I would recognize the powers that can arise from listening to whisperings of the sissagwaad, the Spirit Wind in the heart.