The Stories Dream Catchers Weave: Chapter 27 Dolphin Dreams Dream-Catchers

DreamCatchers of the Seventh Fire DreamCatcher Heritage Collection. Dream Catchers of the Seventh Fire Dream Catcher Heritage Collection Soar Home with the wisdom of real dreamcatchers of the Seventh Fire
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Butterfly Dream-Catchers of the Seventh Fire DreamCatcher Heritage Collection

Aspiration Dream-Catchers of the Seventh Fire DreamCatcher Heritage Collection

Sun and Moon Dream-Catchers of the Seventh Fire DreamCatcher Heritage Collection

Dream-Catchers teach spirit wisdoms of the Seventh Fire

Dream-Catchers teach the wisdoms of the Seventh Fire, an Ojibwe Prophecy, that is being fulfilled at this moment. The Light-skinned Race is being shown the result of the Way of the Mind and the possibilities that reside in the Path of the Spirit. Real Dream-Catchers point the way.

Dolphin Dreams Dream-Catchers of the Seventh Fire DreamCatcher Heritage Collection

Dolphin Dreams Dream-Catchers of the Seventh Fire

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Dolphin Dreams Dream-Catchers of the Seventh Fire DreamCatcher Heritage Collection

Dolphin Dreams Dream-Catchers of the Seventh Fire

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The Stories Dream Catchers Weave: Chapter 27 Dolphin Dreams DreamCatchers

Dolphin Dreams Dream-Catchers tell us that Dolphins are among the most intelligent creatures on the earth and they are some of the most playful.  They live in their heart as well as in their mind.  Dolphins show us the way to a balanced way of being.  Mind does not rule the heart.  Neither does the heart dominate the mind.   They are a manifestation of Love and Will perfectly blended.  Who, their Self-expression, is playing joyfully in what.

Traveling back and forth across the United States for five years marketing and teaching about Dream-Catchers has required discipline in many ways but especially in getting rid of unnecessary things.  As I was preparing to move to Chicago, I was sorting, packing, rearranging when I came upon a box of rings that had lost their circular shape.  They were open, making a C.  I could see no value in them so I began to throw them away.  "No!  We are to be a new Dream Catcher!"  It was almost a shout ringing through my awareness.  So I began to play with the possibilities, weaving inside the C-rings with techniques I had perfected for Path of the Spirit, Rolling Thunder, and later for the Butterfly.. I combined three rings, but when I was done there was no answer to my query for a name and story.  This was quite unusual because the Dream-Catchers had previously told me what I needed.  Now there was only silence.  

The next day I spoke at the Heritage Center at the Stearns County Museum in St. Cloud, Minnesota.  When I finished, a young woman came forward to ask questions and request a special Dream-Catcher for each of her two daughters.  The totem animal of Alainna was the bear.  For Jessica it was the dolphin.  The dolphin!  That was the Dream-Catcher I had woven the night before!   

Later the story would be written after I had had several intense encounters with people who lived mostly in their head, driven by ego.  Some of them believed that they were free of ego, that they had successfully "killed" the ego.  They believed that the ego had no purpose except to mislead and cause mischief so they "got rid of the ego".  In such cases I saw the ego sneak up on them repeatedly and launch a surprise attack.  Their system of denial was so effective that afterwards they could not see that their behavior was a demonstration of ego.   

The only effective way I have found to deal with the ego is to acknowledge its valuable input, its advice and counsel, then smile fondly, pat it on the head, and "take away the keys to the family car."   Euro-american society values ego over heart and trains us, in-structs us to give ego dominance over the heart. Ego has become necessary to civilized society because the circle has been broken.  In the circle each person cares for the whole circle and the whole circle cares for each person.  In the circle leadership is shared, rotated so that each person learns to lead and to follow.  As ducks and geese migrate between their winter and summer homes they fly in a V-formation that takes advantage of an undulating flow of air, a vortex street, that begins with the wingbeats of the leader. The birds in the second position follow at the left and right in the wake of the leader.  They can fly with much less effort in the rolling waves of the leader‘s rhythm.  Their wingbeats catch the wake and stroke it to keep it rolling along the formation to the birds in the third position and so on. When the leader tires she falls back in the formation while another moves ahead to work at splitting the air for the others.  The formation rides along on the shared effort of all.   

Life can be so much easier for us if we would learn from nature.  For humans the circle is a most natural and fulfilling way to live.  In the circle we can see that giving is the same as receiving.  When the geese and ducks migrate they give and they receive, receive and give.  There is no difference.  The others in the formation are important to them.  Each has value and worth, in themselves and for the whole.  Not all can fly with the same strength and endurance.  Perhaps others are more alert to danger when the flock is resting or sleeping.  Others may be better at identifying the landmarks or the best places to stop and eat.  Who knows, some might be the philosophers or poets?   

Like the wingbeats of the birds, we can create vortex streets of spiralling energy, that can carry each of us, all of us, to a deeper experience.  There are many leadership tasks in a dynamic circle.  Some are good at talking to people.  Some are teachers.  A few are good at selling.  Everyone has some form of creativity that has yet to be fully tapped and appreciated.  Some are effective communicators on the telephone or in a group.  Others write well or understand computers and internet access.  We can discover the special function of our own being in the circle, like an organ in a body.  Each of us can learn from others in the circle.  We learn how to fly together, to travel beyond our limitations, to discover how unlimited we really are.  In the circle, all are woven into the same fabric so that giving is not about losing or giving away something of yourSelf.  Self expands and becomes progressively larger.  The illusion of that which is ME and that which is NOT ME begins to disappear.  Trust is the natural outcome of the way of the circle.  Ego is no longer necessary for survival.  Survival is driven by fear when our vision of WHO we really are is narrow and limited. 

Bawaudjigaeaun wae-ondji manitouwiyaun. In Ojibwe this means, "To dreams I owe the mystery."

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White Eagle Soaring: Dream Dancer of the 7th Fire


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all nations dreamcatchers

angel dreamcatchers

aspiration dreamcatchers

bodymindspirit dreamcatchers

bud of the rose dreamcatchers

butterfly dreamcatchers

dolphin dreams dreamcatchers

dreamafterdream dreamcatchers

dream star dreamcatchers

dream within a dream dreamcatchers

four directions dreamcatchers

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heartdreams dreamcatchers

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many dreams dreamcatchers

marriage dreamcatchers

natural freedom dreamcatchers

path of spirit dreamcatchers

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power of the circle dreamcatchers

red eagle of dawn dreamcatchers

rolling thunder dreamcatchers

soaring dreamcatchers

spider web dreamcatchers

sun-moon dreamcatchers

sunset-sunrise dreamcatchers

twin flame dreamcatchers

all nations dreamcatcher

angel dreamcatcher

aspiration dreamcatcher

bodymindspirit dreamcatcher

bud of the rose dreamcatcher

butterfly dreamcatcher

dolphin dreams dreamcatcher

dreamafterdream dreamcatcher

dream star dreamcatcher

dream within a dream dreamcatcher

four directions dreamcatcher

grandfathersun dreamcatcher

heartdreams dreamcatcher

imagine dreamcatcher

many dreams dreamcatcher

marriage dreamcatcher

natural freedom dreamcatcher

path of spirit dreamcatcher

pentacle dreamcatcher

power of the circle dreamcatcher

red eagle of dawn dreamcatcher

rolling thunder dreamcatcher

soaring dreamcatcher

spider web dreamcatcher

sun-moon dreamcatcher

sunset-sunrise dreamcatcher

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Dream Catchers Art and Culture of the Seventh Fire

Dream-Catchers are wisdom-teachers. If you learn to listen, they will take YOU on a journey of wonder and revelations, too. Illusions are stripped away and new ways are revealed.  The real Dream-Catchers of the Seventh Fire are waiting for you. Come into the realm of Real Dream-Catchers.  See with eyes of spirit, listen with your heart and soar with the White Eagle.

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