Twin Flame Dream Catcher  of the Seventh Fire Dreamcatcher Collection
twin flame dream-catchers

Dream-Catchers of the Seventh Fire

By Allen Aslan Heart / White Eagle Soaring
of the
Little Shell Pembina Band
, a Treaty Tribe of the Ojibwe Nation.

These authentic Native American dream-catchers teach the natural wisdom of the Seventh Fire--spiral path of the spirit dream-catchers, double spiral aspiration dream-catchers, twin flame dream-catchers, red eagle of dawn dream-catchers, soaring dream-catchers and imagine dream-catchers, as well as butterfly dream-catchers, dolphin dreams dream-catchers, angel dream-catchers, body-mind-spirit dream-catchers, sun and moon dream-catchers, dream star dream-catchers, many dreams dream-catchers, dream within a dream-catchers, pentacle dream-catchers, rolling thunder dream-catchers, four directions dream-catchers, marriage dream-catchers, all nations dream-catchers, natural freedom dream-catchers and more. My sage bundles are gathered at Mount Shasta to cleanse the dream-catchers and yourself with good medicine. 

Aspiration Dream-Catchers of the Seventh Fire Collection
aspiration dream-catchers

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Dream-catchers are not just things, arts and crafts of Native American people.  The original spider web dream-catchers of the Ojibwe were intended to teach natural wisdom.   Nature is a profound teacher.  I learned to listen.  Listen as these dream-catchers whisper the Original Instructions and the wisdom of the Seventh Fire.  These dream-catchers teach the natural wisdom of the Seventh Fire - spiral dream-catchers, double spiral dream-catchers, butterflies, dolphins, and angels. I have a few of the designs in dream-catcher weaving kits and you can learn to weave a dream-catcher of the authentic dream-catcher and the common dream-catcher.  See with eyes of spirit, listen with your heart and soar with the White Eagle.

Many Native American prophecies say NOW is a pivotal time on Mother Earth.  Some are ready to make the quantum leap to the next level of human evolution.  It’s to those people that these dream-catchers speak, the new people described as the Osh-ki-bi-mah-di-zig led by spirit warriors, the Ogichidaag'.  By the light of the Seventh Fire come those who will use their power and strength with gentleness and wisdom to walk in balance, to follow the path of spirit.

I am White Eagle Soaring of the Little Shell Pembina Band, a Treaty Tribe, of Native American and of European descent, bridging the worlds of spirit and science, a teacher and learner.  I didn't choose Dream-Catchers.   Dream-Catchers chose me.  I didn't plan to leave my comfortable job teaching science and history in the public schools.  I didn't plan to listen to the sissagwad, the soft wind of spirit in the trees, to weave dream-catchers and tell their stories.  Instead the Dream-Catchers wove me, revealing my Native American heritage, changing a skeptic into a mystic, and showing me powers and wonders beyond imagination. The dream-catchers wove me. See The Stories Dream-Catchers Weave.

For six years I traveled throughout the USA and Europe teaching and marketing my Dream-Catcher art.  Now the Seventh Fire Dream-Catchers can be found at stores, museums and Native American galleries from San Diego and Seattle to Vienna and Berlin.  Great spirit told me to bring whispers of Seventh Fire wisdom to the place where the "pebble of mind" was dropped into the pond.  The ripples of this way of being have caused great destruction of many great indigenous cultures vested deeply in their path of spirit.  It continues today.  Even many “Indians” have adopted the path of mind.  Many are now returning to the path of spirit to walk in balance.

Gathering red willow in OregonNatural twigs are used in my Dream-Catchers, primarily the traditional red willow, but also golden, slender, and weeping willow, red-twig and gold-twig dogwood.  Suitable plants for making Dream-Catcher rings can be found in almost all regions.  When in the Southwest I used the abundant tamarisk; in California, the wild cinnamon-colored manzanita.  While in Austria I used hartriegel.  Honoring the energy of our plant relatives was the original intention.  I bring whispers of the Original Instructions and the Seventh Fire manidoog', directly from spirit.  See with eyes of spirit; listen with your heart. 

Here is an email I received from a concerned mother who tells the story best:

I am in need of a dream catcher for a 2 1/2 year old girl. She has one in her room that was made for her, which does not seem to help. After looking at the pictures of yours I see a significant difference. (I don't know if that makes a difference or not) She wakes up several times during the middle of the night calling "mommy" and usually comes running out of her room. When I get to her and pick her up she occasionally will tell me "it's scary mommy". When I ask her what's scary she doesn't usually say anything, but will point into her room. When I ask her what in her room is scary she usually just repeats "its scary". She then goes back to sleep.

Could you please suggest a dream catcher to help or could you make one for her and what would the cost be.


A spider web dream-catcher was recommended, the mother ordered it, a spider web of gold willow and a white feather set was made, and here is the response:Spider Web DreamCatchers of the Seventh Fire Dream-Catcher Heritage Collection

Thank you so much for the dream catcher. My daughter is no longer waking up screaming "its scary." The dream catcher is a GOD send. I was at my wit's end not knowing what to do. It also has seemed to help with the dark, she wouldn't walk into a room if the lights were off and now she will. I spent several hours on the internet before I found you. All of the other sites do not use natural materials and I knew I had to find someone that did so I didn't end up with just another hanging decoration.

In his unusual and extremely readable autobiography, Memories, Dreams, Reflections, dictated and written when he was eighty-one, the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung describes his encounter with the Native American chief of the Taos pueblos in New Mexico in 1932.

"I was able to talk with him as I have rarely been able to talk with a European," Jung recalls. "To be sure, he was caught up in his world just as much as a European is in his, but what a world it was! In talk with a European, one is constantly running up on the sand bars of things long known but never understood; with this Indian, the vessel floated freely on deep alien seas. At the same time, one never knows which is more enjoyable: catching sight of new shores, or discovering new approaches to age old knowledge that has been almost forgotten" (Vintage, p. 247).

Chief Ochwiay Biano, which means Mountain Lake, must have sensed a kindred spirit in the Swiss doctor, because he was devastatingly candid with him.

Chief Mountain Lake: "See how cruel the whites look, their lips are thin, their noses sharp, their faces furrowed and distorted by folds. Their eyes have a staring expression; they are always seeking something. What are they seeking? The whites always want something. They are always uneasy and restless. We do not know what they want. We do not understand them. We think that they are all mad."

When Jung asks why he thinks they are all mad, Mountain Lake replies, "They say they think with their heads."

"Why of course," says Jung. "What do you think with?"

"We think here," says Chief Mountain Lake, indicating his heart.

After this exchange, Jung fell into a deep meditation. The Pueblo chief had struck a vulnerable spot. Jung saw image upon image of cruelties wreaked by his forebears: the Roman eagle on the North Sea and the White Nile, "the keenly incised features of Julius Caesar, Scipio Africanus, and Pompey...Charlemagne's most glorious forced conversions of the heathen...the pillaging, murdering bands of the Crusading armies...the peoples of the Pacific islands decimated by firewater, syphilis and scarlet fever carried in the clothes the missionaries forced on them."

Chief Mountain Lake had shown Jung the other face of his own civilization: it was "the face of a bird of prey seeking with cruel intentness for distant quarry...."

What makes this dialogue reported by Jung so relevant is that it is a living encounter between a representative of the unconscious "heart thinking" of the ancients and a modern man of science and pioneer of consciousness who understood that the wisdom of the heart must catch up with our overdeveloped "thinking heads" if we are to survive. We have to preserve the gold in the age-old "knowledge of the heart" and keep making it ever more conscious if we are to protect our growing human possibilities from the keen-featured bird-of-prey mentality that circles above. We must develop a new consciousness of the heart.

The foregoing is excerpted from Heart by Gail Godwin.

I would put it a little bit differently: The overdeveloped "thinking heads" much catch up with the age-old wisdom of the heart if we are to survive. Western civilization basks in its self-proclaimed status of intellectual and spiritual superiority whereas the so-called primitive "savage" owns an intellectual and spiritual "technology" far superior and sustainable. Dream-Catchers are a means to touch the spirit wind that whispers in the heart. Through Dream-Catchers a new way of life opens. I've taken dream-catcher design and wisdom teachings where spirit has led me. Catherine Sundvall has added Cherokee basket weaving numerology wisdom teachings in her designs for a very personalized dream-catcher. She, too, walks in two worlds with grace and beauty. May you walk in beauty and harmony with all beings and soar with the White Eagle.

Bawaudjigaeyaun wae-ondji manitouwiyaun.  (To dreams I owe the mystery.)

White Eagle Soaring: Dream Dancer of the 7th Fire

Index of DreamCatchers However You Spell DreamCatcher

all nations dream catcher

angel dream catcher

aspiration dream catcher

bodymindspirit dream catcher

bud of the rose dream catcher

butterfly dream catcher

dolphin dreams dream catcher

dreamafterdream dream catcher

dream star dream catcher

dream within a dream dream catcher

four directions dream catcher

grandfathersun dream catcher

heartdreams dream catcher

imagine dream catcher

many dreams dream catcher

marriage dream catcher

natural freedom dream catcher

path of spirit dream catcher

pentacle dream catcher

power of the circle dream catcher

red eagle of dawn dream catcher

rolling thunder dream catcher

soaring dream catcher

spider web dream catcher

sun-moon dream catcher

sunset-sunrise dream catcher

twin flame dream catcher

all nations dreamcatchers

angel dreamcatchers

aspiration dreamcatchers

bodymindspirit dreamcatchers

bud of the rose dreamcatchers

butterfly dreamcatchers

dolphin dreams dreamcatchers

dreamafterdream dreamcatchers

dream star dreamcatchers

dream within a dream dreamcatchers

four directions dreamcatchers

grandfathersun dreamcatchers

heartdreams dreamcatchers

imagine dreamcatchers

many dreams dreamcatchers

marriage dreamcatchers

natural freedom dreamcatchers

path of spirit dreamcatchers

pentacle dreamcatchers

power of the circle dreamcatchers

red eagle of dawn dreamcatchers

rolling thunder dreamcatchers

soaring dreamcatchers

spider web dreamcatchers

sun-moon dreamcatchers

sunset-sunrise dreamcatchers

twin flame dreamcatchers

all nations dreamcatcher

angel dreamcatcher

aspiration dreamcatcher

bodymindspirit dreamcatcher

bud of the rose dreamcatcher

butterfly dreamcatcher

dolphin dreams dreamcatche

dreamafterdream dreamcatcher

dream star dreamcatcher

dream within a dream dreamcatcher

four directions dreamcatcher

grandfathersun dreamcatcher

heartdreams dreamcatcher

imagine dreamcatcher

many dreams dreamcatcher

marriage dreamcatcher

natural freedom dreamcatcher

path of spirit dreamcatcher

pentacle dreamcatcher

power of the circle dreamcatcher

red eagle of dawn dreamcatcher

rolling thunder dreamcatcher

soaring dreamcatcher

spider web dreamcatcher

sun-moon dreamcatcher

sunset-sunrise dreamcatcher

twin flame dreamcatcher

However you've spelled Dream Catcher, these REAL Dream Catchers are natural magic from Creator Direct (Manidoog).

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Disclaimer: The statements on  have not been evaluated by the FDA. These dream catchers are not intended to diagnose nor treat nor cure any disease or illness. Neither are dreamcatchers, the dream catcher, nor any dreamcatcher.

© 2007, Allen Aslan Heart / White Eagle Soaring of the Little Shell Pembina Band, a Treaty Tribe of the Ojibwe Nation.